CS184 Final Project Proposal

Realistic Real-time Rendering of Real Scenes using Ray-Tracing

By Adam Chang, Leo Adberg, and Mitchell Chase

Goal: Perform 3D reconstructions of real-scenes, process them, and ray-trace them in real-time. Use texture baking and hardware acceleration to allow real-time virtual scene traversal with reflective surfaces.

Using standard 3D reconstruction techniques, we have the capability to transform real scenes into a geometric representation similar to the unordered triangle list introduced in class. We wish to allow users to traverse this virtual scene, rendering it realistically and with reflective surfaces in real-time. This requires detection of reflective surfaces (either manual or autonomous), and other techniques to speed up the ray-tracing process. One possible technique is texture baking, where we take advantage of the properties of diffuse surfaces, allowing us to rasterize instead of ray trace.

Realistic Goals:

Stretch Goals:

Quality Measurement: